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"I am Boyd Wilson. I am a Japanese businessman." Boyd Wilson is the CEO of Tiger Industries, including the subsidiaries "Tiger Translation," "Tiger Take Out," "Tiger Talent Management," "Tiger Weight Loss," "Tiger Media" to name a few. He is also the celebrated author of "The Power of Words: Building Bridges of Understanding Across the Pacific," an instructional volume about Japanese-American relations. Dave Boyle has a background in animation and sketch comedy.


"My name is not Jerome. I am Sakebono. I am a sumo." Jerome Noda is a Japanese-American in intensive training to become a sumo wrestler. Unfortunately, his "training" consists mostly of eating immense amounts of food. Health concerns force Jerome to look for an alternate career path at Tiger Industries. Jayson Watabe was raised both in the U.S. and Tokyo , giving him unique insight into the character of Jerome.


Mai is a Japanese nurse working in America . Her goal is to become a native speaker in both Japanese AND English.


"I've never been to Japan before, but I make a mean California roll." Andy is a law student working part time as a chef in a Japantown area restaurant.

Pepe Serna

Pepe Serna is one of Hollywood's most versatile actors, with credits in over 100 diverse films including Scarface (1983; with Al Pacino) , Buckaroo Banzai (1984; as Reno Nevada), Silverado (1985) and the upcoming The Black Dahlia (directed by Brian DePalma).

Mr. Ozu

"I'm not the biggest fan of Japan." Mr. Ozu is the eccentric CEO of a major import company.

Michael Yama

Michael Yama is a veteran of numerous film and television productions in a career spanning several decades. His credits include TV's Alias, The X-Files, and ER in addition to the films Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Stand and Deliver (1987) and Town and Country (1999).


"I hate Boyd". Mr. Murakami is the unfortunate young owner of a Japantown-area bookstore. Boyd frequently tries to sell his book to Murakami's unsuspecting customers.

James Kyson Lee

James Kyson Lee is a busy actor, with hundreds of credits in film, television, commercials and Los Angeles area theater productions. His credits include Big Fish (2003), Collateral (2004), national television spots for Budweiser and Saab, and the current film festival circuit hit films Bunny and Clydo and Snapdragon.

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